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Emailing Tax Receipts


Follow the steps below to send tax receipts via email.


  1. Select Patient.
  2. Select Transactions.
  1. Select Print.
  1. Select Patient Tax Receipt.
  2. Select Ok.
The steps below can also be used to email standard receipts and statements as well.
  1. Select the Optional Format drop-down.
  2. Choose Layout 1.
  1. Select the Email Receipt? checkbox.
  2. Select Email Body button.
  3. Enter a Subject Line and compose a message for the Email body. These will be retained automatically for future use.
  4. Select Ok on this window as well as the main Tax Receipt window.
  1. Make and adjustments you wish then select Send when ready.
If Microsoft Outlook does not appear automatically as shown in the image, make sure you have bridged the programs together correctly; see the article linked below or call Support.
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