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Purging Planned Treatment

By 03/19/2020Tx Plan
Once purged, planned treatments cannot be restored.


This article will help you purge all planned treatment for a producer.


  1. Select Practice.
  2. Select Maintenance Manager.
  1. Select the Utilities tab.
  2. Select Planned Treatments Purge.
  1. Enter the Daily Password, provided by calling Support.
  2. Select Ok.
  1. Set the Doctor.
  2. Set the start and end dates.
  3. Select Purge.
You can choose to purge only future planned treatment and retain past planned treatment records.

Ideally, all valid planned items would be recreated under an active producer while the rest are purged.

  1. Select Yes to start the process.
  1. If you are presented with this box, select Yes.
This message is simply informing you that the planned treatment was attached to a booked appointment, contributing to the Scheduler’s Estimate count.

Deleting these treatments will not harm your production, only estimates.

  1. Allow the program time to process the information. Do not try to use Power Practice during this process.
  1. Select Ok.

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