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Adjustments (video)

By 01/18/2019Transactions
7:37 min


Adjustments are an important part of Office operation. We will perform a few common adjustments in this video, visiting the ledger after each one to help refine our understanding of the ledger.

Topics Covered: 

  1. Transfers: Move fees from patient to insurance, and vice-versa.
  2. Allocation: Adjustment allocations require a certain level of specificity, here we detail them clearly.
  3. Discounts: Learn the basics of applying discounts and other adjustments.
  4. Office Charges: Here we learn how to charge for items sold like Toothbrushes, floss etc. As well as applying Late or Missed appointment fees.
  5. Write Offs: Remove fees and charges from an account while retaining a record of the original charge and transactions.

Additional Resources

For a written and illustrated explanation of this information, please visit the following link

PX101: Lesson 7, Pages 41-42

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