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Wrapping Up The Year

By 12/05/2018Best Practices

Year end is fast approaching, in order to keep your Power Practice software running at its optimal level please consider the following suggestions:

Change the comments for November and December to reflect your holiday hours and remind patients to pay off the balance of the account prior to year end for tax purposes.

Cleanup Accounts
Run an Aged Receivables report for all balance accounts up to the current date.

  • How does that over 90 column look – Make sure the accounts in the over 90 insurance has been re billed recently.
  • Any accounts with credit balances – refund to the patients as needed – They will appreciate the extra money at holiday times.
  • Small Balance Write offs – Have accounts with small credits, post an Increase adjustment for the Credit Write off or Post a decrease adjustment on those accounts with less than $5.00 (or whatever you choose).
  • Any bad debt or noncollectable accounts- Adjust off the balances – use adjustment codes just for Bad Debt to be able to track your noncollectable vs any amounts sent to collection.

Process Held Payments
In the transaction screens, make sure all $$ has been allotted to the outstanding claims

AR Manager
Use the AR Manager to clean up old producers that still have outstanding balances.  Run for all balance accounts, by producer and select the desired old producer.  This report will just show balances regarding this producer.

Inactivate Old Accounts
Create reports on Active patients that the last visit date is from before 3 years ago or 5 years ago whatever is your standard.  Change the patients status to Closed or Inactive and in the patient note make a note of the date and reason for inactivating or closing the patient.

Is December is you Year End? Make sure you Perform Year End with your Month end for December.  This will clear out your Year To Date totals for the Producer Analysis and Payment Analysis.

Are you looking for a good Year End report?  Try the Summary Report.  Run this for all providers, print practice totals, listings by monthly, for the date range 1/1/2018 -12/31/2018.

Patients with Unused Benefit
Many patients have unused benefits that they are not aware of. You can generate a list under the Max Check Report and see all patients that still have coverage balance they haven’t taken full advantage of.
Take a look this KB article for detailed introductions to generate this report.

Outstanding Planned Treatment
Use the Treatment Status Report to see all you outstanding planned treatment.
Take a look this KB article for detailed introductions to generate this report.

Do you have a lot of really old planned treatments?
Consider purging old planned treatments for patients with Planned treatments over a year or two years old.

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