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5.0 Upgrade Instructions

Before you Begin

Power Practice will need to be closed on all the computers before you begin.

The upgrade needs to be performed on the server first and then each work stations after.

You should also plan to have sufficient time to complete the upgrade before other people need to use the system again. The chart below provides an estimate of the time required.

Computers Time
5 30 min
10 1 hour
20 1.5 hour


It’s recommended that you download the upgrade files to your server and work stations before you begin. This will save you time when you’re ready to being the upgrade. Alternatively you can save it to a USB drive so you can plug it into each computer as you do the upgrade.


Step-by-Step Upgrade Instructions

Open the zip file you downloaded.

Double click the folder in the pop up window.

Double click the setup file. (The correct setup file is listed as an  Application in the Type column)

Select the More Info option. (Windows 10 only)

Select the Run anyway button. (Windows 10 only)

Select the Yes button. (Windows 10 only)

Select the Next button.

Select the Yes button.

Select the Next button.

Select the Next button.

Select the No button.

The upgrade will now take a couple minutes to backup the database.

Then the upgrade will start and take a couple more minutes.

Select the Finish button.