Upgrade Instructions

By 07/23/2020Setup
Please note that as of version 4.9, Windows 7 and above is required.

Windows 10 will not work with mapped drives (X:\) and requires the use of a UNC path (\\server_name) when setting the path from a workstations to the server.


Everyone will need to exit Power Practice in order to perform the upgrade. Make sure that you also close the EDI
Manager if your office uses this. The server will need to be updated first, followed by the workstations.

The server needs to be upgraded before the workstations. Determine which computer is your main server and where Power Practice is installed. You can find the installation path
by right-clicking on the icon and selecting “open file location”.

If you are unfamiliar with loading program updates or backing up your system, please call your hardware tech and request their assistance with the upgrade.


You can download the latest supported version from: http://clientfiles.powerpractice.ca/Power%20Practice/PowerPractice/

You may be asked to install Microsoft Visual C++, if so, choose the Install button and proceed. If you get an
error saying the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) appears to have
failed, do you wish to continue? Choose Yes.

  1. Run Setup.exe in the zip file you downloaded and choose the Upgrade option when prompted.
  2. Select Yes to the licensing agreement.
  3. If you know the Power Practice path, you can say NO to this pop up and browse to the path manually.
Choosing YES will list all the installations of Power Practice on your computer. Make sure to choose the correct path from the list given. Once the path has been chosen, the next screen will ask you to confirm the Destination.
  1. If you are upgrading the server, select “YES” to perform a full backup. Otherwise you can select “No”.
Please note that the backup process may take some time depending on the size of the powerptx folder. On the workstations you can say “NO”.
  1. Press “Finish” once the setup is complete. This will bring Power Practice up to the version you installed.
Possible Errors After Install

dll Error:  When opening Power Practice for the first time you may get an error about a Missing CRPE32.dll. Simply restart the computer so the DLL finishes registering in Windows.

Will not Open: If Power Practice does not open after the upgrade, you may need to turn off CEIP (Customer Experience
Improvement Program). You can find the instructions on how to disable CEIP for your version of Windows through a google search”