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Running Day End

Day End Procedures

End of Day Reporting At the end of each day it is recommended to run the Bank Deposit and Day End Report. These reports are located in the Reports Manager to the Billings tab where these two reports are located. These reports have many options and settings to suit the practice needs and can be set to default.


Daily Trial Bank Deposit

Used to verify payment entries and balance to the bank deposit (cash and cheques) plus POS-‐‐ Point of Sale record (debit and credit cards). It is important to note that if an additional payment is received this report needs to be rerun.   Payment codes can be set to be Direct Deposit, doing this allows the POS and any other direct deposit payments (Direct Insurance Deposits) to have one total and the payments to be deposited at the bank to have a different total.

Report Options:

Deposit Date: Defaults to today’s date. Can be run for previous days of the current month.

Separate By Dr (Billing Dr): Default is blank. Check if a different print out is needed for each Dr.

List Adjustment Subtotals: Optional. Will give a subtotal for payment type adjustments.

Include Worksheet Page: Optional. Enter in your own calculations.

Include Payment Adjustment Page: Optional. Will display payment type adjustments that have been flagged to show on the Bank Deposit.

Include Cash Subtotals: Optional. Tally the cash deposit (1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50, 100’s and change)

New page for Direct Deposits: Optional. Starts a new page for all Payment Codes set as Direct Deposits. Number of Copies: Defaults to 1.


Day End Report

Used to verify all transactions posted for the day (treatment entry, office charges, payments and adjustments). It is possible to rerun the Day End Report multiple times to cross reference throughout the day, or to create a copy during the current month.  The program will prompt to rerun the Day End Report if an additional transaction is posted after it was last processed. How to run the Reports 1. Double click on the icon of the selected report. 2. Confirm default settings. 3. Click Print.