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Month End Report

Month End Report:

This report is under the Billings tab. Run it at the end of the calendar month. All production and collections for each day worked are on this report. It is recommended that the Day-End and Month-End be run in the same manner. If the Day-end is separated by Producer then the Month-End should be separated by Producer to match the numbers.


  • Best Practices for running Month End: By Producer, (Tick with Hyg Subtotals by Dr$ if the Hygiene production and collection needs to be paid to the billing
  • You can print the month end report as often as desired during the current month to check on the Monthly Numbers, BE SURE TO UNTICK Perform Month End and it will close out the month and not let you into the transaction screen until the next business day.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE MONTH END Do not select to Perform Month End with only one Producer/ Billing $ selected. You will not be able to Perform the Month End again for the rest of your office. Once Perfomed, the Month End cannot be re-run.
  • There is a Reprint Month End option, however choosing the Reprint Month End does not include the Production Analysis for D01-Doctor Month End Report separated by Producer. Shows the Dr and Auxiliary production. Payments are not separated for H01-Hygienist MONTH END REPORT Practice Totals 18 MONTH END REPORT-DAILY SUMMARY D01 Auxiliary totals are included in the Daily Summary report for the Doctor. They are not reported on separately. MONTH END REPORT-DAILY SUMMARY Practice Totals Practice Totals Includes all producer production and collections by day


Running the Day End Report

  • Month: Defaults to the current month (Make sure its selected to the Month you wish to perform)
  • Year: Defaults to the current year.
  • Month-End Report/Options
  • By Billing Dr.$: Separates the report by Billing Dr.
  • By Producer: Separates the report by Producer
  • With Hyg. Subtotals by Dr$: Hygienists will have a page for each Billing Dr they’ve billed under. This should be ticked if the Hyg production or collections is divided according to the claim dr.
  • By Dr.$ with Producer Subtotals: Reports will be by Billing Dr with separate pages for each producer posted under the billing Dr.
  • Separate Auxiliary Pages : Separate Auxiliary pages under each Billing Dr.
  • $/Producer: Defaults to all (*) Can choose to run for only one Dr or one Producer.
  • By Fees and Payments: Shows totals by fees and payments.
  • By Increase/Decrease A/R: Shows totals by increase and decrease to the A/R.
  • Report for Selected Dr.$/Prod Only? If 1 Dr or Producer is chosen, option to run reports for that person only.
  • Create Month-end Report: Create the report to print.
  • Create Daily Summaries: Print report with a line for each day (production and collections) for the producers as chosen under Month-End Report/Options.
  • Create Deposit Summaries: Print report with deposit amounts for each day.
  • Print Practice Totals: Create a summary page showing production and payments for the practice for the month.
  • Print Producer Analysis Report: (Can default to print with the Day-end OR the Month-end) Lists all producers and their production with a total for Today and Month to Date. Include YTD Totals (On Producer Analysis and Payment Analysis reports. Not an option if running report by Billing Dr)
  • Include Year to Date totals along with the Today and Month to Date totals.
  • Include Payment Analysis: Lists all producers and their collections with just totals for Today and Month to Date (Year to Date if chosen and if running by producer)
  • Perform Month-end: Closes out the month. Closes all Day-end records and zeroes out the month to date numbers. The program will allow you approximately 14 days into the next month before this becomes mandatory. Last Performed for: Displays the last month that was performed.
  • Perform Year-end: Zeroes out all the year to date numbers on the Production Analysis and Payment Analysis reports. Does not generate any additional reports. Last performed on: Displays the date Year End was last performed.
  • Year End is set for: Displays the month chosen in Set Year End.
  • Set Year End..(button): Set your fiscal year end. The system will prompt you to run Year End for that month. Will also set the Fiscal Year for Referral Reports and Procedure Analysis Report.
  • Number of Copies: Defaults to 1.