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Day End Report

Day End Report:

This report is under the Billings tab. Run this report at the end of each business day. All production and collections for the day are on this report. Use it to verify all postings for the day are correct. The Day End Report may be run multiple times during the day and is based on the calendar day. The Day End can be reprinted any time during the current month.



  • The Quick Day Report lists each person with transactions of any kind posted for the day. To the right of the name the procedure code, the payment code and adjustment codes used for the patient.
  • Most office chose to run the day end reports with Separate By Producer. This will list the transactions posted by the producer so the doctors and hygienists’ production and collection is separated, as well as Additional Reports selected of Create Producer Summaries; Print Producer Analysis include Year to date totals and Include Payment Analysis.
  • To save time when running the Day End Report multiple times in a day, untick Perform Day End Processing. This needs to be selected the last time the Day End is generated.
  • If you wish to keep a digital copy of the entire day end report, click on the Preview Report option. This will print the reports to the screen.  At the top of that screen you can click on the Export icon.  Select the Type to be PDF and Disc File, when you click OK you can select the destination and give a file name to the document.  We suggest the File Location be on the server, in a folder that is accessible to others and is included in the backup. Some office will create folders for the year and month the reports are for.

Running the Day End Report

  • Day-end Date: Defaults to today DAY-END CREATION
  • Create Day-end Report: Creates the report with the options chosen.



  • For Billing Dr: Defaults to All (*). Select one Billing Dr. All others will be left off the report.
  • Print Quick Day-end: Prints condensed report for the day. (see example)
  • Separate Day-end By Producer By Billing Dr: Separate reports will print for either each Producer including hygienists or each Billing Dr.
  • Print Procedure Description: Print the procedure code and description.
  • Print Tooth/Surface: Print the procedure, tooth number and surfaces.
  • List in Chronological Order: List production in order of entry. Default is alphabetical by last name
  • Don’t Print Deleted Treatments: Treatment posted and deleted on the same day will not print.


  • Perform Day-end Processing: Option must be chosen to perform an AR check and close the day.
  • Purge Appointment History: Purge appointments from the scheduler that have treatment with a value posted to the patients’ ledgers the same day.
  • Print Today’s Appointment History: Prints an Appointment List. Recommended if purging Appointments.
  • Digital Copy: Save a digital copy of Today’s Appointments.
  • View: View a list of the digital copies you’ve saved. Perform
  • A/R Integrity Check: Runs in conjunction with Perform Day-end Processing. Verifies the integrity of the A/R data.


  • Report for Selected Dr. Only?: If you choose to Create Day-end Report for one Billing Dr you can also print the Additional Reports for that same Dr.
  • Create Producer Summaries: A one page report for each producer that lists a total value for each area rather than the breakdown displayed in the Day-end Report.
  • Print Producer Analysis Report: (can default to print with the Day-end OR the Month-end) Lists all producers and their production with a total for Today and Month to Date.
  • Include YTD Totals (on Producer Analysis and Payment Analysis reports). Not an option if running report by Billing Dr): include Year to Date totals along with the Today and Month to Date totals.
  • Include Payment Analysis: Lists all producers and their collections with just a total for Today and Month to Date (Year to Date if chosen and if running by producer).
  • Print Revenue Distribution Report: Print report with information set up from the Producer Revenue Percentage Report .
  • Print Office Reminders: If used, can print tomorrow’s Office Reminders with today’s Day-end.
  • Number of Copies: Defaults to 1.