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Payment Entry (video)

9:01 min


This video reviews the different Ledger types and then demonstrates how to enter a payment, allocate funds, and perform simple refunds.

Topics covered:

  1. Ledger: Learn how to read and understand the Ledger views.
  2. Payment: Enter patient payments
  3. Allocation: Learn about allocations and how to assign payments to different claims or treatments.
  4. Insurance payments: Enter Insurance payments
  5. Reversals: Perform payment reversals to correct mistakes or make simple refunds.

Additional Resources

You can find additional information in the Power Practice written manual (.pdf)

Transactions: PX101: Lesson 6, Pages 37-39
Ledger: PX101, Page 43-45

Want to practice working with Payments?

Be sure to use your Training Database when doing any practice. This will prevent making any unintentional changes to your accounts receivable.